Change Logs

What's new?

September 25th 2020:


  • 2 New objects by Llavia: Drawers  (Themed) &Buffet (Themed)

  • 1 New object by IMAXI: Flag of Britany (Decoration)

  • 1 New room by SweetTia: Luna Sea Hideaway Island (Resort)

  • 1 New room by JazuRP: Modern Home (Home)

  • 1 New unshared room by Jannick: Venice (Unshared room)

September 21st 2020:


  • 1 New room by Torax: Chinese Quiet Haven (Themed)

  • 41 New objects by Torax: All chinese theme based in various sections

September 20th 2020:


  • 1 New room by AmyLaRouche: Dance X (Club)

  • 1 New room by Lucho: Temple of Sex (RP)

  • 2 New objects by Rob: Nemesis (Creature) & Zombie (Creature)

  • 1 New object by Layvon: Bathtub (Other furniture)

  • 1 New object by LilliSummers: JCM 800 Cab (Music)

  • 2 New objects by Purpurina: Bench (Garden) & Pram (Accessories)

September 12th 2020:


  • 1 New object by Pandorra: T34 Tank (Vehicle)

  • 1 New object by profKazama: Komodo (Vehicle)

  • 1 New room by SummerX: Purple Club (Club)

  • 1 New room my Kaysuh: Lewdo game (Game)

  • 1 New room by Dennisthemenace: The Isle (Themed)

September 8th 2020:


  • 1 New room by AmyLaRouche: Beach Club (Resort)

  • 12 New rooms by Lucho: Venice (Themed), Taj Mahal (Themed), Puerto Madero (Themed), Palace (Themed), Fregate (Themed), New York Apartment (Apartment) , Colosseum (Themed), Coco Bongo Club (Club), Villa (Villa), Bar (RP Rooms), Bar 2 (RP) & Villa 2 (Villa)

September 5th 2020:


  • 1 New object by Pandorra: Walk through door (Other furnitures)

  • 2 New objects by LilliSummers: Iron Maiden Banner (Decoration) & Trans Flag (Decoration)

  • 5 New objects by Frivolous: Dark lord of the sith symbol (Themed), Galactic Empire Symbol (Themed), Galactic republic symbol (Themed), Separatists Symbol (Themed) & Sith empire symbol (Themed)

September 3rd 2020:


  • 13 New objects by SweetTia: Luna Hut (Room Part), Signboard (Accessories), Luna Hut Alone (Room Part), Ceiling Wooden Lamp (Lights), Lantern Stand (Lights), Beach Tent (Garden), Beach Tent (Garden), Mountain Hit (Garden), Fire Stand (Light), Side Table and Seating (Tables and chairs), Floor Lamp (Lights), Wooden Plater (Accessories) & Lover Rest (Bed)

  • 1 New room shared by SweetTia: Purple Crystal Club (Club)

  • 1 New unshared room by SweeTia: Luna Sea Hideaway Island

  • 1 New object by Pandorra: Rubber DInghy (Vehicles)

August 28th 2020:


  • 3 New objects by Amaira: RV Trailer (Vehicle), Soda Font (Font) & Soda Vending Machine (Food & Drink)

  • 1 New object by LilliSummers: TV and PS4 (Electronics)

  • 1 New object by Tycon: Elephant Fountain (Garden)

  • 1 New object by JustinCredible: Fountain (Garden)

  • 8 New objects by Llavia: Closed Bookshelf (History), Open Bookshelf (History), Deathbell (Plants), Hollow Treetrunk (Plants), Sack (Themed), Large Shelf (History), Medium Shelf (History) & Small Shelf (History)

August 21st 2020:


  • 1 New object by DJStefDE: Child room (Room parts)

  • 1 New room by Angixoxo: Panty Dropperz Club (Club)

  • 1 New room by Tycon: Luxxx Mountain Club (Club)

August 17th 2020:


  • 1 New object by Serafyn: Jack (Drinks)

  • 1 New room by Bozno: Red Line Club (Club)

  • 1 New room by Angixoxo: Theater (Themed)

  • 4 New objects by Dallas: Bedroom (Bed), Office (Other furniture), Pizza bar (Other furniture) & Iwatch Table (Table)

August 13th 2020:


  • 1 New room by FrancoAr: Master Roshi House (Themed)

  • 1 New room by JazuRP: Apartments (Apartment)

  • 6 New objects by Dallas: Broadway font (Font), Script Font (Font), Sci-fi Font (Font), The Thing 1 (Vehicle), The Thing 2 (Vehicle) & Batman Tumbler Vehicle (Vehicle)

August 8th 2020:


  • 7 New objects by Dallas: Easy Rider (Vehicle), Rate bike (Vehicle), Zebra Long Rake (Vehicle), Trike ((Vehicle), Fatboy (Vehicle), Volvo 18 wheeler (Vehicle) & Volvo truck mechanic (Vehicle)

August 4th 2020:


  • 3 New objects by Dallas: Icemachine (Electronics), Kitchen (Room parts), Lights set (Lights)

  • 1 New shared Room by Dallas: Country Cottage (Villas) 

  • 1 Updated object by Llavia: Alchemy Table (Themed)

August 2nd 2020:


  • 4 New objects by Dallas: Chopper (Vehicle), Bedroom (Beds), Bedroom (Beds) & Mickey Livingroom (Sofas) 

  • 1 New object by LilliSummers: VOX AC30 Amplifier (Music)

July 29th 2020:


  • 1 New Partner added: 3DX-Xtreme


  • 1 New object by VincentLargo: Windsurfing (Toys & Games)

  • 1 New object by MidnightMist: Bedroom Suite (Beds)

July 27th 2020:


  • 3 New objects by Paoline: Table (Tables), Chest (Other furniture) & Kitchen (Other furniture)

  • 1 New shared room by SummerX: Lake House (House)

  • 1 New shared room by AshanteBellefield: Hidden Cove (House)

  • 1 New shared room by Torax: Fairy home (Themed)

July 24th 2020:


  • 1 New shared room by Hipfu: White Club (Club)

  • 3 New objects by Paoline: Fireplace(Room part), Fridge (Electronics) & Oven (Electronics)

July 21st 2020:


  • 1 New object by Anynamewilldo: Telescope (Accessories)

  • 2 New shared rooms by GhostInTheShell: Fuck High School (RP) & Vanellos RGA (Club)

July 16th 2020:


  • 1 New unsahred room by Necro: Nightlife (Unshared rooms)

July 15th 2020:


  • 2 New objects by DilliGaf: Snake (Animal) & Bubblebath (Other furnitures)

July 14th 2020:


  • 3 New objects by Llavia: Trapdoor (Themed), Treasure Chest (Themed) & Jewelry Box (Themed)

  • 1 New object by OdisonLegacy: Texas Flag (Decoration)

  • 1 Object updated by Llavia: Bonefire (Themed)

  • 1 Room shared updated by Llavia: Llavis Clearing (Themed)

July 12th 2020:


  • 1 New tool by Wredzab: Pixel Art Importer


  • 2 New rooms by KimmyFox: Slutdale (RP) & Slutmoore (RP)

  • 1 New room by AudreyParker: Labyrinth (Games)

  • 4 New rooms by Angixoxo: City Party (Apartment), Wet Spot (Club), Local Dive Bar (Club) & Honeymoon Island (Themed)

July 11th 2020:


  • 1 New room by SweetTia: Purple Crystal Club (Unshared Rooms)

  • 1 New object by Dilligaf: Yayo tray (Accesories)

  • 1 New room by Torax : TT Tree Club (Unshared rooms)

July 10th 2020:


  • 1 New room by TylerMatthews : The Cove (Unshared rooms)

  • 1 New room by AudreyParker: Labyrinth (Unshared rooms)

  • 2 New objects by profKazama: Gungrave guns (Accesories) & KCW Gallia (Vehicles)

July 6th 2020:


  • Clickable name of builders on dedicated room pages to their contributions page

  • New logo

Shared Contributions:

  • 1 New object by ProfKazama: Dragonslayer Sword (Themed)

  • 1 New object by SugarSam: Cat Poster (Decoration)

  • 1 New room by YenneferVengerberg: Magic Castle (Themed)

Unshared contributions:

  • 3 Rooms from Anaganda: The Succubus  Lair, The Hell Gate & Dangerous Divas Arena Ruins (Unshared rooms)

  • 3 Rooms from Torax: Fairy Home, Pool Party & Alien Temple (Unshared rooms)

July 4th 2020:


  • Contact us moved from top menu to footer

  • New section: Unshared rooms

July 3rd 2020:


  • Furnitures,Decorarations and Accesories dispatched in 9 categories: Bes, Sofas, Tables and Chairs, Other Furnitures, Garden/Pool/Bar, Lights, Decorations, Accesories and Toys/Games 


  • 1 New room by MarieSexy: The Mountaineer (House)

  • 1 New object by Jeffxxx: Piano (Music)

  • 1 New room by YenneferVengerberg: Apartment (Apartment)

June 26 th 2020:


  • 1 New room by Torax: Torax Pool Party (Resort) 

  • 6 New objects by Torax: French Billiard (Accessories), Sofa (Furniture), Sofa (Furniture),, Table and chairs (Furniture), Bench (Furniture), Plants (Nature)

June 25 th 2020:


  • 1 New object by YenefferVengerberg: Sofa (Furnitures) 

  • 1 New object by Tazcha: Fence (Room parts)

  • 2 New objects by Tigar: Jetski by Tiger based on Rob Trirod (9kb) & Hotdog / Burger warmer (Food)

  • 1 New object by Anynamewilldo: Clarinet (Music)

  • 2 New objects by SugarSam: Led Zeppelin poster (Decoration) & Clockwork Orane Poster (Decoration)

  • 1 New object by MarcusGraphix: Club lights (Electronic)

June 14 th 2020:


  • 1 New room by JuicyJina: Villa (Villa) 

  • 1 New room by DjayNaked: Nightclub (Club)

  • 1 New object by SugarSam,: Scream Poster (Decoration)

June 11 th 2020:


  • 2 New objects by SugarSam: Prism Poster (Decoration) & Joker Poster (Decoration)

  • 1 New object by Saeyd: Fighter (Vehicle)

  • 1 New object by CharmX: Flashing dancefloor (Rooms Part)

  • 1 New room by DjStefDE: Villa (Villa)


  • Advertising added

June 4 th 2020:


  • 21 New objects by Torax: Bird(Animal), Butterflies (Animal), Cocktail set (Drink), Champagne (Drink). Cake (Food), Swinging Sofa (Furnitures), BBQ (Furnitures), Buffet (Furnitures), Candle (Decoration), Champagne Fountain (Decoration), Double Bed (Furnitures), Lamp (Decoration), Mirror (Decoration), Sofa (Furniture), Torch (Decoration), Flowers (Plants), Plants (Plants), Plants (Plants), Rainbow (Nature), Mushrooms (Nature)  & Party area (Room part)

  • 1 New room by Feeble: Skyscraper apartment (Apartment)

  • 1 New room by AndroidGirl: Spaceship (RP)

  • 2 New rooms by Angixoxo: Pimps Resort (Resort) & Beach (Resort)

  • 1 New room by ApTeM: Abandoned Island (RP)

  • 1 New room by Adapa: Beach (Resort)