Simple Tools

Remove Duplicate Objects in a room

by Chloe

This is a simple easy to use application made by Chloe.

Using the World Editor is not always easy, and it can happen fast that you duplicate objects, making the room heavier than it should.

This tool will look for duplicate objects, remove them and automatically save the cleaned .world file.

Simply browse for the world file you need to analyze and run the tool!


Prop Tool

by THX


Here is a collection of 3 templates i've made for anyone who wants to use them. come in handy when making specialty props.


  • Pink - Where women's hands touch.

  • Blue - Men's hands hand Touch

  • Yellow - Both Hands touch (wall)

  • Massage direction( bed).

  • Red - Body sitting height or width and length. Also closest point to script 'headboard'.

*Note: I often just load this tool-set and clone what I want off the platform. Once I have a specialty item lined up with Avi contact points, just un-group the template and delete the colors markers. Saves a lot of time and eliminates guesswork.


Saved up in the air at coordinates X  9.2  Y 8.5  Z -36


Answer January Survey

by NoirDesire

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