Simple Tools

Remove Duplicate Objects in a room

by Chloe

This is a simple easy to use application made by Chloe.

Using the World Editor is not always easy, and it can happen fast that you duplicate objects, making the room heavier than it should.

This tool will look for duplicate objects, remove them and automatically save the cleaned .world file.

Simply browse for the world file you need to analyze and run the tool!


Pixel Art Importer

by Wredzab

How to use it:

  1. Download PixelArt_Importer.exe

  2. Save your art as "input.png" and place it in the same folder as the .exe file

  3. Run the .exe It will create an "" file and show you the number of colors and objects used. Press Enter to finish.

  4. In the world editor go to File > Merge from file and select the "" file. The art will be inserted around the (0,0,0) position, with the width of 1m.

  5. To manipulate it in the editor, make sure to change "Pivot" to "Center"


How it works:

The script opens a png file and splits it into separate colors. It then merges neighboring pixels of the same color into rectangles. That way it uses as little objects as possible, regardless of the image size (eg. if the image is just one 1000x1000px rectangle, it will generate only one cube). Then it saves them as cubes in the file.

I wrote it in Python, using PIL. I'm attaching the source code. Feel free to use and modify it. SOURCE CODE