Small Round Sex Room by Rockster

File Size: 10 kb



As the name says, a small round room for sex with beds and couches in it. This room has a very fast loading time as the file size for it is so tiny. When I used to have this room open publicly people seemed to really enjoy this build, when they spawn-in they can see everyone in the room from where they are without moving and don’t need to wander-off in order to find someone (or avoid someone), from the spawn-point people can basically see everything going on in the entire room which many people seem to appreciate. Despite the small appearance, the room has held close to 100 people at one stage and still had room for many more. When people gravitate towards the center dance floor, there is always still plenty of room for others to walk around the outer part and view the action on the beds at the same time. All the beds are individually lit and having the couches next to them allows people to signal that they’re wanting to be next to have sex with someone who is currently shagging on the bed next to it, or for two guys to occupy the couches next to an empty bed signalling they’re looking for a girl for a threeway etc etc. The specific tile-sizes on the central dancefloor enable someone to find a personal spot for themselves to dance with a minimum of fuss. It’s a small simple room but the layout and size work very well for a public sex room.

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