ROUNDABOUT(RA) V2 (Dice Game)-Love Island by Suvann


ROUNDABOUT(RA) V2 (Dice Game)-Love Island
Version 2 (Release Date: Valentine Day14-02-2024)
Some Basic Rules
► The main purpose of this game: try to up every row by Pull, Zoom or Lucky Dice.
► Roll: Use roll2 and go to that number wait until the host show Lucky Dice.
► If land on Zoom, gain one more row instantly.
► If your dice same as Lucky dice at the end of turn, gain one more row.
► When zoom or up from pink heart will do roll1 to get direction on red heart.
► On Red row do roll1to get your target 6.
► Pull: pull and pose player. In case refuse, the refuser wont have lucky dice.
► On Landing, do strip or pose.
► Slide: Slide down a row and strip an item.
► All tiles are active after Zoom or Lucky dice except Slide .
See you all there, if want more details!!!
Some objects in this room credits to:
√ Campfire by Llavia
√ Camping-Tent-By-TsJenny-1
Original Version (Version 1 (2023) )

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