Mike Master fetish bed by OoMikeoO


For those of you that remember the master fetish bed i have made on thri, here is the 3dx one version, remastered and amplified with lot more pose again ^^
I didn’t have add the decoration for you all to do yours as you want Have fun
trust me lot more fetish thing here and there on this one for those who like.
Ps : not really a beginner friendly bed, look at all the pose in editor mode first if you want to know everything about it.
PS 2 : right and left side bed are not bed,only fetish and special pose, the main bed is at center
PS3 : for those of you that like to play with multiple people, i have made it so like the old one, meaning 12 couple can have fun on this one without overlapping xD
PS4 : the bed is pretty big, concider a serious room size, every has been fusion on it and meant to stay that way, don’t move anything on it or your gonna break the special poses

File Size: 48 kb