Llavis Clearing              Heavy Room, risk of lag/crash

by Llavia       Updated: 30th Oct 2019

Changelog 0.8.b : "The Bugfix-Patch" - Finally!

(Log-Code: #.#.x --> First Number: Complete Build | Second Number: Beta Stage | Letter: Bugfixes and small additions)

• TONS of bug-, missplacement- and lighting issues fixed that came in with the "Rock n' Hills" - Update directly from 3DX-Chat

• Added a Placeholder for the new Area: The Spooky Mansion

• Health-, Mana- and Staminapotions added!

• Some additions, improvements and fixes to the Castle-Ruins (No more floaty bricks!)

• All watersources are now far more realistic, as they now have waves and reflections!

• Added a new type of Lantern!


Changelog 0.8.c : "Hotfix-Patch"

• Dozens of additional bugfixes and placement-fails patched out

(Floaty Bricks and Objects - additional effects - pathingfixes)


Changelog 0.8.d : "Physics for everyone!"

• added a Radio to the room so that you can FINALLY get some noise through the woods!

• reworked the wooden bridge at the Treehouse; now the ropes look like they're actually hanging

• added Handrails to the Treehouse-Platforms. No more falling!

• fixed some floaty stuff

• prepared the first items for the wine-cellar and set up the blueprints/placeholders for the next update. You won't find them in this version due to cosmetical reasons.


Changelog 0.8.e : "Animations!"

• Added a few poses all around the world