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Wet Angels

Wet Angels Wednesday Rock - Every Wednesday 8pm CEST

Wet Angels opens every Wednesday at 8pm CEST and brought to you by Danididit and Mulan.

We primarily keep in the rock / metal genre, but occasionally will do some blues nights. So if this interests you, keep an eye out for Wet Angels Wednesday Rock every Wednesday.

We regularly feature guest DJs, we have hosted and given platforms to brand new DJs as well as more established DJs. Sometimes we will also accept requests, which is up to the discretion of the DJ. If you are going to make a request, try to keep it relevant to genre being played.

At Wet Angels, we are not part of any groups, we are welcoming to everyone, with a lively local chat. We are not here to chase big numbers, we are here to have fun and listen to some great music. You are more than welcome to have sex and get naked, in fact, it is pretty common that we are topless by the end of the evening, but be respectful to the guests. The only rule is that anyone who starts any drama or starts colding everyone will get banned from the club. 

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